Letter From Riot:

“Carrying my father’s name sake I came into this world as Reginald Hicks. I was raised in a place where I was surrounded by nothing but hot concrete and guns with parents struggling with addiction and my younger brother to raise. I spent my life in the margins. Outside of writing and rapping there wasn’t much in the world that gave me a deeper satisfaction than putting my shit on wax. I began crafting my style by the age of 15 and alongside my man Whitey I dropped my first mixtape. I was chasing my dreams after that, it was destined for me to tell the story of the kid from Dorchester who had what it took to sit at the head of the table. Let me talk about Max B for a second though, I idolized that man as a teenager and it was following him that got me my deaI. He went from being my mentor to being one of the realest people on my team, my biggest supporter. I’m always going to carry him on my back, riding the wave forever!

I made my name after being signed to Amalgam Digital and a week after signing as the flagship artist, I was in the studio with Max B recording "Living The Life" featuring Curren$y. I recorded three projects: "A Wave Called Yes" w/Max B, "Im So Yes" and "Y.O.M.P". I released a dozen videos featured on MTV Jams, Thisis50, World Star Hip Hop, VladTV, you know the works. I got to start living my dream. In 2011 after having issues with my management I asked for my walking papers from the label and I’ve been rolling independent since. I ain’t never been a quiet kid, my name was given to me because it was fitting. Go against the status quo, fuck the norm, bring the noise, it’s always what I’ve been about. So when I founded “Start A Riot” it was to create the space the mob to stay YES and make noise creatively. It’s all on me but it’s all for we!

Be The Mob, Start A Riot,